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10 August 2020

1 hr 5 mins 14 secs

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Our guest this week is Tiho Brkan, a successful trader, portfolio manager and investor, Tiho today runs the multifamily office, The Atlas Investor on behalf of his family and other high net worth families and individuals.

Tiho is known to visit up to 20 countries per year, all the while observing global economic trends, purchasing offshore real estate and executing investments on behalf of his clients.

Standout Quotes:

  • “The margins in luxury real estate can be insanely profitable as long as you know what you’re doing and as long as you choose the right deal.” - Tiho Brkan [21:27]
  • “Asian millennials are now becoming the most important demographic for the whole global economy.” - Tiho Brkan [35:30]
  • “The beautiful thing about mezzanine debt is that it has equity-like returns and bond-like downside protection or margin of safety, and that’s why we like it. ”- Tiho Brkan [42:05]
  • “Focus on learning from the right source and really moving the needle on what’s important and what counts.” - Tiho Brkan [1:03:55]

Key Takeaways:

  • How to master the blend between an entrepreneur and an investor
  • Learning world cultures through travel
  • The importance of diversifying your capital into alternative assets as a high net worth individual or family office
  • Understanding the global tax scene when investing across the world
  • Capital Stack and the difference between senior and mezzanine debt

Episode Timeline:
[1:35] Tiho shares his background both personally and professionally
[4:05] He shares the reason why he travels and how it has changed the way he views the world
[9:02] How Atlas Investor helps investors gain access to extremely attractive private deals plus using the mastermind model with their investors
[13:50] He talks about his clientele and how COVID-19 has affected the investing world
[16:18] The five strategies they use when investing in real estate across the globe
[24:15] The experience of buying and selling luxury real estate
[27:44] He explains how he handles tax when he lives and conducts business globally
[35:12] The macro view, why the Asian millennial will play a big role in the future global economy
[38:37] The advantages of real estate mezzanine debt investment and why real estate investors prefer it over senior debt
[46:49] Tiho explains what they look for when investing in real estate developments
[54:27] How mentors that included his father played a huge part in his success
[1:00:33] He explains the involvement of his family in the business and the importance of learning from the right sources as a younger person

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