An award-winning professional speaker and author of The Seller’s Journey: A Business Fable about Navigating the Emotional Obstacles to Selling Your Business, Denise Logan has addressed audiences on three continents about the psychology of business owners and how to make it easier when the time comes to let go. Known as The Seller Whisperer, she draws upon a twenty year body of work focused on the intersection of work, money, and meaning and how it is reflected in the legacies of today’s business leaders.

She has rightly observed that while work is where we spend the majority of our time, much of it is spent wishing we were somewhere else, doing something else. Divorcing meaning from our work too often leaves us blindly trudging through a mediocre life using money as the miserly arbiter of success in matters of soul and meaning. It leads to an endless chase for more, hoping to outsmart death and desperately prove that our life somehow mattered. Even worse, when work is how we define ourselves and we are faced with job loss or impending retirement, it can seem terrifying.

What happens when your old answer to the question “What Do You Do?” no longer fits? If you thought you are what you do, and suddenly you don’t do it anymore, do you not exist?

From more than 500 stages, Denise has shifted perspectives for business owners and their advisors to keep people and deals from falling apart during the single largest transition of their professional life, all while restoring meaning to the equation. Deftly deploying touching stories, powerful exercises, and hilarious insights, she helps her audiences transform the unspoken longing that lies within life and leadership and with which leaders are silently grappling.

Although she hopes you won’t hold it against her, she spent a dozen years building and leading a Washington, DC area law firm ‘til she ran off in a motorhome (but that’s another story) and became cozy with her own unique answer to the question, “What do I do with myself now?”

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